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  • Basic Income Regenerates Life
  • Basic Income Regenerates Life

    In this short video, Dylan shares his story of the impact a basic income had on his life so far. Dylan was part of the pilot program run by Basic Income Works, and they collected first-person stories to educate the public on how beneficial basic income programs are.

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  • Solar Dividends: The Basic Idea explained in 3 Minutes

    Author Robert Stayton explains the basic idea of Solar Dividends at an informal book party, September 22, 2019.

  • Stop throwing fuel on the fire

    If we are going to stop the fire of global warming, it is vital that we  STOP THROWING FUEL ON THE FIRE!  The following devastating fact is taken from my new book Solar Dividends: “At a time when we should be cutting back on fossil fuels, the US paid $649 billion in direct and indirect…

  • Five Star review from Readers’ Favorite

    Five Star review from Readers’ Favorite

    The Readers’ Favorite book review site gave Solar Dividends a Five Star review, their highest rating. “Overall, Solar Dividends is an essential read to open the audience’s mind to new possibilities about changing the fate of our ailing planet and is highly recommended for its hopeful and practical vision of a better tomorrow.” Read the…

  • Radio Interview on KSQD

    Radio Interview on KSQD

    Robert Stayton was interviewed about his new book Solar Dividends on KSQD radio in Santa Cruz. He explains the origin of his idea of using solar energy for universal basic incomes and how we might bring it about.  You can listen to the entire 39 minute interview here. Interviewed on September 19, 2019 by Rachel…

  • RECOMMENDED by US Review of Books

    RECOMMENDED by US Review of Books

    The book review site US Review of Books has given Solar Dividends its RECOMMENDED rating (their highest). The reviewer concludes the review with: “Stayton’s thought-provoking, well-researched work has the power to draw the attention of anyone, of whatever political persuasion, who is seriously interested in global energy issues and their implications for our future.” They…

  • Solar Dividends Book Released.

    Solar Dividends Book Released.

    Author Robert Stayton and Sandstone Publishing are proud to announce the release of his new book Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income For Everyone on Earth. This breakthrough book describes how we can use solar energy to generate a minimum basic income for everyone on the planet. “I believe this is…