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  • Dylans Story
  • Basic Income Regenerates Life

    In this short video, Dylan shares his story of the impact a basic income had on his life so far. Dylan was part of the pilot program run by Basic Income Works, and they collected first-person stories to educate the public on how beneficial basic income programs are.

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  • Use distribution, not redistribution, for basic incomes

    The numerous basic income pilot programs around the world are demonstrating the many good effects of using a basic income to lift people out of poverty. But these pilot programs face a daunting task to convert their temporary programs into permanent ones. That’s because the cost of basic income programs is high. Conventional wisdom says…

  • Financing Basic Incomes

    An excellent source of information about how to finance guaranteed basic income programs has been released. Financing Basic Income: A Dual Income Proposal covers a wide variety of financing options that governments can pursue. This second edition proposes setting people up with two basic incomes. The first is a GAI or GLI (Guaranteed Annual Income/Guaranteed…