Month: October 2019

Should we spend or invest our fossil fuel inheritance?

In many ways, fossil fuels resemble an inheritance for the human race. We did nothing to create fossil fuels, yet we enjoy the vast benefits and wealth they generate. Nature produced fossil fuels from plants that stored sunlight energy millions of years ago, plants that did not fully decay but were condensed into coal, oil, … Read More

Can a basic income quell a riot?

Iraq has been rocked over the last week by anti-government protests that have turned violent, with over 100 people being killed and thousands injured. People are protesting the corrupt government that keeps everything for the elite while not delivering services to ordinary people. The BBC reports that in response Iraq’s Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi … Read More

Ping Xu endorses Solar Dividends

I’m pleased to annouce that Ping Xu, the energetic Founder of UBI Asia Pacific has endorsed my book Solar Dividends. As human civilization progress, obsoleted values and lifestyle ought to be abolished for a better future: The energy of the Sun is the original source of most of the energy found on earth. It is … Read More

UBI, Our Right to Live

If you are new to Universal Basic Incomes (UBI), watch this video. The documentary “UBI, Our Right to Live” talks about the right of all human beings to subsist simply because they were born. It is an idea with history, but it has spread spectacularly in recent years, especially due to the fact that technology … Read More