Solar Dividends are monthly cash payments that are generated from the sale of solar electricity and delivered to individuals as a guaranteed basic income.

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Why We Should Fund Basic Incomes From Solar Energy:

Basic income pilot programs have demonstrated their good effects.
Paying for a permanent program from taxes is difficult.
Instead, invest in community solar arrays that generate revenue from the sale of solar electricity.

Getting Started

Solar dividends are generated where the sun is, in your local community. These are the steps to setting up a community solar array to fund guaranteed basic incomes in your community.

Step 1

Determine your local solar resource.

Step 2

Determine the price you can sell solar electricity.

Step 3

Figure out how to organize to distribute the solar revenue fairly.

Step 4

Decide the size and location of installation.

Step 5

Obtain financing to build the solar array.

  • Basic Income Regenerates Life

    Basic Income Regenerates Life

    In this short video, Dylan shares his story of the impact a basic income had on his life so far. Dylan was part of the pilot program run by Basic Income Works, and they collected first-person stories to educate the public on how beneficial basic income programs are.

  • Use distribution, not redistribution, for basic incomes

    Use distribution, not redistribution, for basic incomes

    The numerous basic income pilot programs around the world are demonstrating the many good effects of using a basic income to lift people out of poverty. But these pilot programs face a daunting task to convert their temporary programs into permanent ones. That’s because the cost of basic income programs is high. Conventional wisdom says…