Financing Basic Incomes

An excellent source of information about how to finance guaranteed basic income programs has been released. Financing Basic Income: A Dual Income Proposal covers a wide variety of financing options that governments can pursue.

This second edition proposes setting people up with two basic incomes. The first is a GAI or GLI (Guaranteed Annual Income/Guaranteed Livable Income) paid to all those living below the poverty line in order to bring them up to that line; the second basic income payment is a universal dividend based on natural resources (oil, minerals, forestry, solar and other renewables, public utilities, etc.) and social resources (technology and data dividends, a portion of economic rents from the financial and banking sector, and similar social resources).

The book includes Solar Dividends as one of the options for funding a universal basic income.

You can order the book from Amazon:

Financing Basic Income: A Dual Income Proposal
Second Edition, Richard Pereira (editor)

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