What are Solar Dividends?

Solar Dividends are a monthly payment to an individual generated by solar energy. Solar Dividends provide a way to monetize solar energy to eliminate poverty.

Although solar energy is all around us, few people realize that sunlight is worth money. If you put up a photovoltaic panel, the electricity it generates can be sold to the local utility for cash. The Solar Dividends program is designed specifically to channel that cash to individuals to provide them with a basic income.

The idea of a basic income for everyone has been growing lately. Andrew Yang’s US Presidential campaign elevated it to wide public discussion. The reasons for a basic income include:

  • Many traditional jobs are being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence.
  • Minimum wage jobs usually don’t provide enough money for a family to live on.
  • In many places there are more people than available jobs.
  • Gig workers like Uber drivers lack a reliable income.

Most people are in favor of a basic income, until they find out that their taxes would need to be raised to pay for it. That’s where Solar Dividends make a difference. A basic income in the form of Solar Dividends do not come from taxes, but from an investment in money-making equipment–solar panels. The solar panels generate clean, carbon-free electricity that is valuable for powering our economy and daily lives. That value generated from nature pays for the basic incomes.