Ping Xu endorses Solar Dividends

I’m pleased to annouce that Ping Xu, the energetic Founder of UBI Asia Pacific has endorsed my book Solar Dividends.

As human civilization progress, obsoleted values and lifestyle ought to be abolished for a better future: The energy of the Sun is the original source of most of the energy found on earth. It is also a non-polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity. I truly appreciate the idea that provides a sustainable funding resource for Universal Basic Income through Solar Dividends. Let’s step into a new world where filled with clean air, mindset of abundance and advanced human culture.

Ping Xu portraitPing Xu is one of the most active advocates for Universal Basic Income in the world. She founded UBI Asia Pacific in Taiwan, which became an affiliate to the international Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). She has personally translated hundreds of basic income videos into Chinese to spread the word in Asia. Here is a link to the UBI Asia Pacific website.

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  1. Malcolm James Green

    Also a great comment from Ping Xu. She occurs as a really great person so powerfully standing up for basic income in Asia (and for the World no doubt) powered by inexhaustible solar energy as described in Solar Dividends.

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