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Solar Dividends

Book release date: September 17, 2019

Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income for Everyone On Earth is a small book that merges together two big ideas into a groundbreaking proposal: generate a minimum basic income for everyone using solar energy. This revolutionary program would raise everyone out of poverty and get us off of fossil fuels so we can finally bring global warming under control.

The plan is simple: we set up solar panels for each person, sell the electricity the panels generate, and deliver the money as solar dividends to the person as their basic income, for the rest of their life. The solar panels pay for themselves through the money they earn by generating electricity. The money won’t run out because the panels are maintained and replaced as needed. And we don’t have to wait for an international treaty because every country receives enough raw solar energy to set up their own program.

Solar energy gives us a new way to pay for basic incomes, and basic incomes give us a new reason to build solar energy. Combining these two important concepts into a single program will lift everyone out of economic insecurity, reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change, and assemble a clean energy system that can sustain us forever into the future. Solar Dividends makes clear the practical steps to bring about this positive future.

To get a better understanding of what the book is saying, read the book’s introduction titled “A New Approach”.

To get an overview of the book, see the Solar Dividends Synopsis, which summarizes the book in eight slides.

To learn more about the author Robert Stayton, see About the Author.

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