A compelling cure for a sickening earth

A reader’s book review that appeared on Apple Books:

A compelling cure for a sickening earth.

In Solar Dividends, Stayton, like a masterful physician, lays out the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan of a very complex disease. The stepwise plan of adding photovoltaic energy to the power grid without creating a new government funded program could appeal to people of all political backgrounds. The concept of distributing solar power through a non-government funded program thereby reducing poverty and welfare programs has equal bipartisan appeal. Like going to the moon in the 1960s this type of plan is far reaching, complex, involving human engineering and change. As Stayton points out, the fundamental change involves how we value the commodity of energy.

Solar Dividends is a bold new idea and I hope that politicians, world leaders, and heads of corporation take notice and act.

Concerned Stanford physician