End Poverty in California with Solar (EPICS)

The Sustainable Systems Research Foundation is initiating a program to develop Solar Dividends in California. The program is titled End Poverty in California with Solar (EPICS). EPICS is a program designed to provide, by 2060, every individual in California with 10 kilowatts of installed solar photovoltaic panels and a monthly basic income, from birth to … Read More

California Legislator Proposes Basic Income

In California, Assemblymember Evan Low introduced AB2712 in February 2020 to provide a $1,000 per month basic income to California residents over the age of 18 who meet the requirements. See AB-2712 California Universal Basic Income (CalUBI) Program to read the text of the bill. Note that this would not be a universal basic income. … Read More

Top Ten Reasons Solar Electricity is Worth More

My book Solar Dividends make a counter-intuitive argument: make solar electricity more expensive so sales of it can support everyone with a basic income. Here I will gradually post the top ten reasons why I think solar-generated electricity is worth a higher price. #10 Does not pollute our water Unlike fossil fuels, solar PV does … Read More

Sustainability Now! Radio Interview

Robert Stayton was interviewed on the Sustainability Now! radio show on Sunday, December 15, 2019. Host Ronnie Lipshutz is a Professor of Politics at the University of California Santa Cruz, former Provost of Rachel Carson College at UCSC, and founder of the nonprofit Sustainability Systems Research Foundation. His biweekly radio show Sustainability Now! covers political … Read More

PV is the steam engine of the Solar Age

Just as the steam engine enabled the Fossil Fuel Age, so will photovoltaics (PV) enable the Solar Age. The Industrial Revolution began with the automation of cloth making. Richard Arkwright patented his water frame thread-spinning machine in 1768. He called it a water frame because it combined a waterwheel for power and a frame to … Read More

A compelling cure for a sickening earth

A reader’s book review that appeared on Apple Books: A compelling cure for a sickening earth. In Solar Dividends, Stayton, like a masterful physician, lays out the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan of a very complex disease. The stepwise plan of adding photovoltaic energy to the power grid without creating a new government funded program … Read More

Solar Dividends is “visionary”—Foreword Reviews

This is visionary work This unique and fascinating proposal is explained in clear terms. Built upon research and nuance, Solar Dividends is a powerful, valuable proposal for tackling energy and resource scarcity, pollution, income inequality, and environmental stresses. RACHEL JAGARESKI, Foreword Reviews [The excerpts above are from the new review of Solar Dividends by Foreword … Read More

Energy is the foundation of any economy

What is the foundation of any economy? If you think it’s money, think again. It’s energy. Money is just a medium of exchange, but energy is what makes things go. Every economic activity requires energy. Energy in the form of gasoline and diesel moves goods locally and around the world. Energy in the form of … Read More

New York City Big Book Award Winner

Author Robert Stayton has received national recognition for his book Solar Dividends by winning the 2019 New York City Big Book Award in the Social/Political Change category. “We are happy to highlight these books, recognize their excellence, and share their achievements.” said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak. The international competition is judged by experts from different … Read More

Should we spend or invest our fossil fuel inheritance?

In many ways, fossil fuels resemble an inheritance for the human race. We did nothing to create fossil fuels, yet we enjoy the vast benefits and wealth they generate. Nature produced fossil fuels from plants that stored sunlight energy millions of years ago, plants that did not fully decay but were condensed into coal, oil, … Read More

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