Month: December 2019

Sustainability Now! Radio Interview

Robert Stayton was interviewed on the Sustainability Now! radio show on Sunday, December 15, 2019. Host Ronnie Lipshutz is a Professor of Politics at the University of California Santa Cruz, former Provost of Rachel Carson College at UCSC, and founder of the nonprofit Sustainability Systems Research Foundation. His biweekly radio show Sustainability Now! covers political … Read More

PV is the steam engine of the Solar Age

Just as the steam engine enabled the Fossil Fuel Age, so will photovoltaics (PV) enable the Solar Age. The Industrial Revolution began with the automation of cloth making. Richard Arkwright patented his water frame thread-spinning machine in 1768. He called it a water frame because it combined a waterwheel for power and a frame to … Read More

A compelling cure for a sickening earth

A reader’s book review that appeared on Apple Books: A compelling cure for a sickening earth. In Solar Dividends, Stayton, like a masterful physician, lays out the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan of a very complex disease. The stepwise plan of adding photovoltaic energy to the power grid without creating a new government funded program … Read More